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“White Hearts ’earthquake” strikes again (Il Terremoto dei Cuori Bianchi colpisce ancora)

Il pastore abruzzese-maremmano alla conquista del mondo. E per i nostri amici d’oltreconfine, la versione inglese delle ultime imprese dei nostri Cuori Bianchi:

The “White Heart” contest is, within the Facebook’s group,”Pastore  Maremmano-Abruzzese che passione!!!”,  now in its first week of August with an unexpected success . The participants of the photo competition  have reached 6000 new share. Pictures received during all these months represent the beauty and majesty of the of the sheepdog’s breed ( i.e.Abruzzese-Maremmano) in its  balanced character, kind, trustworthy and courageous in protecting families and   pets .In the new pics received, you can see this amazing dog working with sheep and generally speaking with cattle but also, you can admire him on the beaches and mountains with his beloved owner playing with kids in a wonderful and unbelievable  relationship of protection and love. He continuously is engaged in difficult and unthinkable tasks  such as men’s assistant and collaborator of the Italian civil protection. Anyway, in simple terms, he is not dangerous and bad as so many people believed in the past, but  with his  tenderness and majesty he is the best of an Italian breed of dogs which ,all of us, can be proud. The organizers of the photo competition are even more proud thanks to  the  undisputed success of the fundraiser in support of all kind of  dogs. Infact, many dogs, do not have the lucky of being part of a family and so often, they are abandoned in shelters,  kennels and roads throughout Italy. For this reason, the group of the “White Hearts” invite all the Lovers and not only of the sheepdog to purchase the calendar of 2015 completed with all the best pictures of the competition(the publication will take place in January) at the price of 10€. With the proceeds, it will be possible to buy food, medicines and finally, to give a home to all abandoned  dogs who need of  love tenderness and cuddles. On November 23rdnd in Rome, there will be a meeting of all the groups of the “White Hearts”. We’ll inform you ,as soon as possible, about the program of this event through the social media sites and the newspapers.This date is already present as an “event” on Facebook and you can join and receive further details by clicking on “RADUNO DI ROMA CUORE BIANCO.” Meanwhile the ”White Heart’s Group”, was formed in association ’ONLUS’. To become a member of our new Association, simply, you have to purchase the calendar online at: .Vip people, such  as the American singer and watercolorist SUZANNE McDERMOTT and the Italian  guitarist Erik Della Penna, are helping us in our mission with some of their compositions for the “video” that collect the photos of the competition.So.. let’s stay in touch.

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1 Comment

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